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In our online store of private security uniforms we have clothing and accessories to complete the wardrobe of private security companies and surveillance. Of all the clothing for private security personnel we would highlight certain garments as the best sellers being the pants for private security, jackets and security shirts the best sellers to complete the uniform of the security guard. Private security clothing is usually characterized by neutral and classic colors such as blues, blacks, browns and dark greens. Private security uniforms do not usually wear bright or flashy colors as these colors are much less serious and not advisable for a security guard uniform. Private security uniforms are available for both men and women and are available in small sizes from S to larger sizes such as 3 XL. The private security clothing is characterized by being a flexible and comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement and even running if necessary for the private guard.

Clothing for private security personnel, pants, jacket and shirts

We work with leading manufacturers of uniforms and clothing for private security, we distribute and we are suppliers of uniforms and therefore we can offer our private security clothing very cheap at the best price online. If you want to order in bulk, please consult with our sales team so they can give you the best price that fits your needs and budget. The private security clothing is usually customize it with the logos of the security company being the most common embroidered shields and provide more quality to the uniform than other types of prints. Embroidering all garments such as pants, shirts, sweaters and jackets with an embroidered shield gives them a serious look that a private security guard needs so much. Many guards guard countless stores in shopping malls and wearing a shield with the security company's logo will give your company a lot of visibility in crowded shopping malls.

Online store of private security uniforms in Spain

Security guards command respect, wherever they are in command. Their clothing must look professional and stylish, while providing the comfort needed for long shifts. Combine lightweight, practical work pants and shirts with a selection of sweaters and sweatshirts, some of which have shoulder pads for a classic look. Lightweight safety shoes or boots are also a must; the military style range of footwear is the footwear of choice for the armed forces for its excellent protective qualities, making it EN345 compliant, and for its ultra-lightweight composition, which allows for easy movement without fatigue. On nights when private security personnel and security workers work in colder and wetter climates, we have an excellent range of jackets that offer warmth and comfort.