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In our online store you will find spa uniforms for men and women. The most common garments used in a costume for a spa center are usually kimonos or jackets combined with pants of the same color. As a general rule, the colors of spa uniforms are usually soft and neutral colors such as white, ecru and other colors such as light browns or light grays. Some luxury spa uniforms are usually black or dark blue. All these uniform colors are available in our online spa uniform store. The materials in which the spa uniforms are made are usually comfortable materials and fabrics with which it is easy to work throughout the workday and allowing flexibility of movement of the wearer. Enter our website and check all prices online we have adult sizes for men and women of all our uniforms.

Buy online luxury spa uniforms

We work with leading manufacturers and distributors of spa uniforms and can offer our customers wholesale spa uniforms. Being a uniform supplier we offer our customers all types of styles and qualities from the cheapest and most economical spa uniforms to the highest quality and luxury spa uniforms. All our spa uniforms can be customized with the logo and design that the customer provides us with our recommendation is to customize the uniforms with embroidery if it is a luxury spa as this type of printing technique provides a higher quality than other printing techniques such as screen printing. If you are looking for a cheap spa uniform, screen printing the uniforms may be the most advisable option because although it is a cheaper option, it is not an option to discard.

Spa kimono uniforms for men and women for sale

The most commonly used garments in a spa center as a wardrobe and uniform are usually kimonos as they give a much more exotic look than sanitary type garments. The spa kimonos usually give a more exotic feeling that is related to certain types of massages that are performed in these centers. That is why the kimonos, being an oriental garment, are identified with this type of massage. We have in our online store spa kimonos for both men and women that can be combined with pants and shoes to match. When a client goes to a spa center is looking for a therapeutic massage or a relaxing massage is why in spa centers are usually neutral colors to uniform the staff in relaxing tones, bright colors are less common to uniform the staff of spa centers. Avoiding bright colors such as fuchsias, reds, yellows and oranges.