Cheap customizable sanitary jackets

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Jackets for healthcare and cleaning staff, customizable to your corporate needsHealth jackets are one of the most used garments by doctors, pharmacists, nurses or cleaning staff, among others. They have a more modern design than gowns, thus offering customers a closer image of their profession.

Scrub jackets for nurses and doctors

We offer a wide range of sanitary and cleaning uniforms, which we complement with our jackets for medical and cleaning staff, with the possibility of embroidering the name or logo of your company brand and thus have your work uniform fully customized. We have a wide range of jackets with button closures, and in various colors both plain and striped.

Health jackets for clinics and hospitals

We also offer the option to choose the brand that best suits your needs as a company, and the appropriate model for your health center, clinic or health center that you have. If you have a company with a cleaning service, you can choose the jacket that best suits your image. These jackets have pockets to give the possibility to carry any sanitary or cleaning object, useful for the performance of your daily work.

Customized jackets for doctors and nurses

Sanitary jackets have more thermal properties than other sanitary garments for the cold seasons of the year, due to their thicker fabric, even the cheap sanitary jackets. Thus, with the complementary pants, the doctor would have a complete uniform with which to feel safe and comfortable to perform their work properly. Advantages of sanitary jackets: They protect both the professional and his patients from infectious particles that can put health at risk. It is a garment that is very easy to put on and take off due to its snap buttons or zipper, both options are available. It allows the doctor or health professional in question to easily move around his or her workplace. It is possible to always carry at hand the necessary utensils for work thanks to the pockets and cavities they have.

Cheap medical jackets

Although in the past the color of medical clothing was associated with white or green, today you can find personalized medical jackets in different colors or even with various prints. You can find custom scrub jackets with short sleeves or long sleeves, depending on the degree of comfort or protection required. You can find scrub jackets of different prices, even cheap scrub jackets of very good quality. Materials such as polyester and cotton are used in the manufacture of scrub jackets. They can also contain spandex or lycra, a synthetic fiber known for its great elasticity and resistance to ensure maximum freedom of movement. At garrampa, we have a wide range of economic sanitary jackets, in different sizes and models. In addition, you can customize your sanitary jacket with your company logo or the name of your employees.