embroidery detail

Digitization of the design

The embroidery process begins with the digitization of the design, and this will allow the embroidery software to indicate to the machine where the garment should be embroidered and the exact piping. Contrary to what most people think, you cannot embroider a design from a digital file in bitmap (png, jpg, tif, etc) or vector (eps, ai, etc) format. The design must be converted to a special digital file for embroidery. This file indicates the information on the type of stitches, thread color, perforation points and quantity that the machine will need to perform the embroidery. This information is very important to know the production costs since depending on the complexity of the design the costs will vary. This digitization process is carried out only once, thus reducing costs for later work. During this process, it must be taken into account that very fine or very small details will hardly be appreciated in the final embroidery.


The production process is done manually. Before the embroidery machine starts, the thread rolls of each color must be loaded into their corresponding head. An operator must program the machine correctly by setting parameters such as embroidery speed, color sequence, etc. Garments must be individually hooped so that they are ready for the embroidery process. Finally, and once the embroidery process is finished, the foreign stitches that have accumulated during the embroidery process must be removed.

selection of clothes

The type of material greatly influences the stitches that the machine must make. A t-shirt, for example, has different stitches than jeans because the fabric is not as heavy. Materials like polyester, wool, fleeces, cotton have different stitch settings

In favor:

  • High quality and elegant finish.
  • Long-lasting print.
  • Allows printing on a wide variety of fabrics.
  • Suitable for measured and long runs.
  • Excellent resistance to washing.


  • It does not allow printing details and very small letters.
  • Full color designs (photo type) cannot be printed.
  • It is not possible to stamp in PANTONE colors.

embroidery on t-shirt

embroidery on cap

Embroidered detail on cap