heat etching

Thermo-etching detail

It is a thermal printing technique in which a metal die is used in the shape of the logo or design to be stamped. This die is stamped by means of heat and pressure on the product, leaving a relief with the shape of the design.


Manufacture of the die: the die is made, which is a metal mold in the shape of the design.

Preparation of the machine: by means of a special machine the die is placed and the necessary adjustments are made.


Color application: optionally and after the printing process, the design can be colored by means of 1-color sheets. This sheet is placed between the already stamped design and the die and the printing process is repeated.<

Applications: it is usually used in deformable materials such as leather, cardboard and some plastics. Some of the most suitable products for this marking technique are agendas, notebooks, wallets, etc.

In favor:

  • High quality finish.
  • Excellent print durability.


  • It is not suitable for few units.
  • It is not possible to print pantone or very specific colors, only basic colors and some metallic ones.
  • It does not allow printing more than one color per design.
  • It cannot be printed on fabrics or non-deformable materials.

Thermo-engraving detail on agenda