Laser engraving

laser detail

The laser engraving process is carried out by means of a computer system to activate the movement of the laser head. The engravings are very precise and clean, this is due to the fact that the laser head does not come into contact with the object that is being personalized.

The process involves the erosion or burning of the top layer revealing the layer below. Therefore, the reproduction of the logos in their true color is not possible through this method.

Wood and natural materials, plastics, stone-coated metals and glass can be laser engraved.

In favor:

  • It allows stamping on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, acrylic, glass and metal.<
  • Suitable for long and short runs.


  • It does not allow stamping in colors. Since the resulting color is the one that appears after eroding the first layer of the item.

Laser detail on keychain

Laser detail on thermos

laser on keychain