sublimation detail

It is a printing system by which, by means of thermal transfer, the ink previously printed on a special paper is transferred to a polyester fabric or rigid material with a polyester coating. In the case of the fabric, the ink becomes part of it, leaving a very soft touch without the possibility of it cracking or peeling off. In the case of rigid objects the impression is transferred below the coated surface.<


Printing of the design: it is printed on a special transfer paper with a thermal plate with the design in mirror mode.

Thermal transfer: once the paper is placed on the product, it is usually transferred with a heat press for a certain time.


Remove the paper: the process is complete when the paper is removed.


Textile material: It can be printed with sublimation on any textile surface that has at least 60% polyester. Some examples are t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, bags, towels, etc.

Rigid material: It can also be printed in sublimation on non-textile materials such as aluminum, glass, wood, etc. For this type of material it is necessary that they are previously pre-treated so that they can be stamped.

In favor:

  • Full color and gradient designs can be printed.
  • Allows large marking surfaces even 100% of the surface.
  • It is suitable for orders of few units.
  • Great resistance to washing.
  • Soft touch.


  • Only white products can be printed, the advantage is that 100% of the surface can be printed in some cases.
  • Cannot print on products that are not at least 60% polyester or pre-treated

Detail of a sublimation lanyard

Detail of a sublimation scarf