thermal transfer vinyl

Screen print detail on t-shirt

We use this type of technique to personalize the garments with a name and number on each one.

The client must pass a list with the names and numbers to be stamped and indicate which size and garment they correspond to. To do this, you can use the application in the shopping cart to enter the corresponding names and numbers. It is very important to provide the names exactly as they are to be stamped, in uppercase or lowercase letters, with or without accents, etc. Some fonts do not contain Latin characters such as ñ, accents, etc. For these cases it is recommended to change the chosen font.

Other fonts only contain uppercase letters, making it impossible to get the names with lowercase letters.

The printing process is carried out with an industrial iron that applies heat to the vinyl and it is fixed to the garment. The vinyls we use have been tested and have excellent resistance to washing.

In favor:

  • It has no fixed costs so it is suitable from small quantities.


  • It is not recommended to stamp on seams since the fixation may not be correct, in addition to the fact that the seam leaves a mark on the vinyl.

Serigraphic transfer detail on t-shirt